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Need for Speed ​​Unbound gameplay trailer

Electronic Arts has released a Need for Speed ​​Unbound gameplay trailer showing off the police chases. As in all previous NFS games, the cops will chase us in Unbound.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound gameplay trailer released

The first thing that caught our attention in the video was the graphics. The game does not have Borderlands graphics as we feared. Moreover, the details are quite well designed. The game’s art style and graphics look successful. You can watch the new Need For Speed ​​Unbound gameplay trailer below.

Also you can watch trailer on Youtube.

EA is trying to secure the future of the game with NFS Unbound, which is due out later this year and looks to return the franchise to its street racing roots. For this reason, several innovations have been introduced. These include a new accelerator called Burst Nitrous and new cars.

The company also relies heavily on car customization for Unbound. Inspired by street art and graffiti, they offered a whole new style and look. Using sublights and body kits, you’ll be able to customize your car.

New Need for Speed ​​Unbound gameplay trailer

In Need for Speed ​​Unbound we will race against the clock. But time isn’t the only thing we have to beat, of course. We also need to get rid of the cops. There is also a betting system in the game. You can also bet on rival racers.

EA will release Need for Speed ​​Unbound on December 2 exclusively for next-gen consoles and PC. Unfortunately you won’t have access to Unbound if you have a PS4 or XB1.

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