Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos Says Cuties Is Misunderstood

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos spoke about the controversial Cuties movie, its censorship practices. Also, and Netflix’s growth outside the United States. The movie Cuties by Maïmouna Doucouré found itself at the center of a big debate even before it met with the audience. The movie, which first came to the fore with its poster, caused a pedophilia reaction from the audience. The film was the focus of criticism on the grounds. It depicted little girls as sexual objects. A lawsuit filed against Netflix for the release of the movie in the United States.

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos Says Cuties Is Misunderstood

This sensation created by the movie also witnessed different explanations. Netflix broadcasted apologies about the posters that broadcast. The audience divided about the movie. While some claimed it contained pedophilia and contained inappropriate content. So, others agreed that the aim of the film was to criticize this situation. After these events, which remained on the agenda for a long time, a statement came from Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos. Sarandos made statements about both the Cuties movie and the current state of Netflix in the Q&A event. He attended at The Vanguard Award event organized by Mipcom and Variety.

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos Releases Statements on Netflix’s Growth

Ted Sarandos stated that since January 2016, together with co-CEO Reed Hastings, they have taken steps to grow in more than 130 countries. Looking back, he said, in terms of content, the vision has already crossed the borders of North America. Stating that there is an interesting imbalance in the field of broadcasting in the past period. Sarandos said that although the USA represents a small percentage of the world population. Also, it has a great representation in the rate of content viewership worldwide.

Sarandos “We knew there was great content from all over the world. However, existing distribution models made it impossible for anything other than local content to circulate internationally. ” used the expressions. The Netflix CEO said that as they begin to understand local cultures, history, and stories, more opportunities arise, and more opportunities for under-served viewers.

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos Says Cuties Is Misunderstood

“The Cuties Are Misunderstood by Some Viewers, Especially in America.”

Ted Sarandos said the film misunderstood regarding the movie Cuties, which was the focus of the reaction. He stated that the film subjected to the wrong perception. In America after the indictment that it appealed to the interest in sexuality. Also, and had no serious, literary, artistic, political, or scientific value. Netflix CEO said, “The movie speaks for itself. It’s a very personal coming of age film, it’s the director’s story. Also, and the film has obviously played very well at Sundance without any of this controversy. Besides, and played in theaters throughout Europe without any of this controversy.” Sarandos said.

Complaining about the pressure and criticism made after the increasing reactions in the country. Sarandos stated that the film related to the personal story of the director Maïmouna Doucouré. He replied to the censorship debates, “It’s a little surprising that in 2020 America we are having a discussion about censoring storytelling.”

Also, the first images of Mank, the new Netflix movie have been released. The highly anticipated movie will be broadcast on Netflix this fall.

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