Netflix’s New Drama Series The Society’s First Teaser Is Released

The production, which will meet the audience on May 24, is about the story of a teenager group that are trying to survive in a world without parents. Mysteriously, a group of young people find themselves in the same village they have been living before, but this time there are no adults, parents or families around. This young group is trying to understand what is happening to them while they are seeking their families in this mysterious town.

The Society first teaser trailer

The Society was inspired by the Nobel Prize for Literature winner novel ‘’Lord of the Flies’’ by the British novelist and poet William Golding. On the director's chair, we see Marc Webb, who also directed movies like The Amazing Spider Man, 500 Days of Summer and Limitless. The first season of The Society is planned to have 10 episodes. You can watch the first teaser trailer of The Society below:

The Society Movie Trailer Video

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