Think twice if you are going to give your Netflix password to your friend

Netflix, the world’s most preferred series and movie broadcasting platform, continues to grow day by day. Netflix, which has achieved significant successes with its Netflix special films and series, may come up with an interesting system. Artificial intelligence, which was introduced by Synamedia in CES 2019, will monitor Netflix passwords on digital media. As stated, the software will detect password sharing using behavioral analyzes and an automated learning system. Thus, users who violate the rules of Netflix will be hunted.

Netflix passwords will be monitored by artificial intelligence

If you’re sharing your Netflix password with your relatives, you’re violating the rules. On the other hand, according to the research company Parks Associates, in the coming years, TV organizations with the subscription system will earn approximately $10 billion less income because of the password sharing. In addition, the research company Magid says that one of the fourth of generation Y teens shares their passwords with their friends.

Let’s see if the authorities will take serious steps in this regard in the future. If the relevant artificial intelligence system is going to be implemented, Netflix will gain more subscriptions.

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