Rumor: Disney May Buy Hulu Streaming Platform

Thanks to the deal with 20th Century, Disney now has a great influence over Fox and now the company has officially announced that it is about to launch an online streaming platform. In this sense, Disney wants to expand its goals by aiming to be a major competitor against other streaming platforms like Netflix, Apple and Amazon. This plan includes the purchase of the Hulu platform, which is linked to one of the Disney+ competitors, Comcast.

Disney is planning to buy Hulu

It is rumored that Comcast owns the %30 of Hulu right now and Disney wants to buy these shares from Comcast. However, if Hulu’s shares are sold, Comcast will need to rearrange the deal with NBC, since some original shows are owned by NBC. Hulu streaming platform approximately have 25 million users. Let’s see what time will bring and if Disney will make this big investment to own Hulu’s shares. 

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