New informations from the multiplayer part of Death Stranding

New information about Death Stranding, which was developed under the leadership of Hideo Kojima, continues to come. Kojima, who released a long gameplay video during the last TGS 2019 event, gave dozens of details about the game. The gameplay video of Death Stranding in Japanese has been translated into English by YouTuber Kubricked. YouTuber, who explains and translates the video, can help other players by building bridges and crossings, as well as players who focus on the story, and who care about the game's world and the use of mechanics. We will also be able to invite other players to join us as we battle the end-of-episode monsters.

Death Stranding GamePlay Video

New informations from the multiplayer part of Death Stranding

Kojima said that we can see the places where other players have toured and underlined that shoes are important in the game. Kojima also said that a special likes system has been developed for the structures that other players have built. It is stated that the rain damages the packages we carry and we need to find shelter when it rains.

Death Stranding, which will be released in November, will be exclusive to the PS4 platform.

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