Oxygen Not Included First Expansion Coming in December 8

The colony sim Oxygen Not Included is getting its first expansion DLC that launches in Steam Early Access on December 8th.

The first expansion of Oxygen Not Included is called Spaced Out

Spaced Out brings even more content to a game that’s already got a lot of stuff in the base game. But the biggest draw is something the community has wanted quite a bit. In Spaced Out, you will be able to start new colonies on other planets out there. You will be able to mine rare resources and trade it with other colonies. You can also bring them back to your home base in case you have some missing resources. It will definitely expand the core game experience.

This new mechanic of Oxygen Not Included is similar to the ANNO games. But Klei Entertainment did not release any footage for the upcoming expansion Spaced Out. There is not even a single picture for it. But the game was in closed alpha back in November to prepare for the Early Access launch.

The Spaced Out expansion pack will have a price of $14.99 in Early Access. Keep in mind that this price will most likely increase when the final version of the expansion pack comes out. You will also need to have the base game Oxygen Not Included in order to play Spaced Out. Our post will get an update if any footage will come out for the expansion pack.Oxygen Not Included First Expansion Coming in December 8 It will actually be a great expansion. As there will be completely new biomes to explore, tech to research, and resources to mine. There’s a whole new universe out there. You can also meet some new fuzzy friends. If you’re nice, they might help you out around the colony. And lastly, you will have much more customizable rocketry on Oxygen Not Included with the upcoming expansion pack.

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