Path of Exile Review

Path of Exile Review: There are people who are passionate about the work they do. Regardless of their lives, they are the types, that work in this direction and aware of the value of what they do and their importance to them. They know very well about what they love and dislike, and one day they have already determined what and how to do when they are going to make an initiative about what they are passionate about.

The team that made the Path of Exile is such a great team. The team who don’t like action games in RGP style, and make a statement like   “Where the old ARPG games are,” and joining their forces under the dream of   “If the market is bad, we make our own game!”. We call these people Grinding Gear Games, which is GGG for short.

GGG is a new company. Since announcing the game in Autumn 2010, they have been working very quietly and profoundly. However, they have gained a severe substantial audience. Notably, the mass of this player has increased with the game’s open beta.

The first game of GGG, Path of Exile, is what it should be for the old dungeon ARPGs in many respects. The mass of disappointing players with Diablo 3 has long wanted such a game, even the point where players around the world meet with PoE is PoE’s “must-have version of Diablo 3”. But what does this mean?

To make games, it is necessary to be an actor, this is a reality. To find out what entertains a player, the designer must first focus on the answers he finds within himself, then looks at the market. Experienced game designers working in big game companies, after a while, I think “player” will break away from them. Being constantly involved in all aspects of a huge project, struggling to find the wrongs and truths, and ultimately turning it into a financial success, must be blinding the “instinct” of acting, at least if we set off from most of the examples we have come across in recent years it won’t be wrong.

Path of Exile Review

Path of Exile Review

The most important part that separates the Path of Exile team from million-dollar companies is that they have not lost their “player” instincts yet. At least PoE is a production that makes you feel like this from the moment you first enter.

Exile is a classic ARPG, but under its classic look lies a lot. I can even say that it is heavy labour. Beyond its minimalist storyline and simple gameplay mechanics, what makes PoE so beautiful is its value to detail.

The world of PoE is dark and just as fantastic. This world, in which Low Fantasy elements are used with High Fantasy elements, has a structure that you will not like to be in and can strangle you with its darkness. We take our first step into this world with one of seven characters. These are also integrated characters with the character class we will choose.

Character classes, like Diablo, have a background story, as each has a class, while new players can only select six in the first place, and then the “Scion” character opens up. Our characters are Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Templar, Witch, and Shadow, respectively. As can be understood from the name of the game (Exile means Exile), each of our characters is exiled from the land they live in. All of them have different stories of exile and reasons, but they have one thing in common; Surviving in Wraeclast, where there are places of exile.

Wraeclast is a geography where criminals and the unwanted elements of society are sent to die, with a wide variety of creatures and danger. Here, criminals come together to form a community against external threats to protect themselves and try to survive, as one of the survivors of our sinking ship, we portray characters trying to find our way in Wraeclast.

The story of the game has been kept minimal, but if you want to learn something about the world, you can listen to the characters and explore the clues that you can find in various regions, especially there are a few stories I came across, it was successful.

There are seven character classes, at least one or two properties. For example, Duelist, with his high speed and damage, is a very successful hit-and-run character. Marauder, her pure warrior character, gets her strength from strength and has excellent field attacks. The Dexterity class of the Ranger class game can deal critical damage from a distance and can avoid damage with its agility.

It’s a mix of Templar Strength and Intelligence. He can both take damage and use magic. The witch takes advantage of our wizard class and Intelligence features—a specialist in the use of elemental spells. Shadow works like our Dexterity / Intelligence mix and the Rogue class in general. There is also a Scion class for expert players, Scion is a class that is difficult to learn with a combination of Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence, so it already opens after finishing the game once.

Path of Exile Review

Classes are intense, taking this depth from the game’s talent system. I think one of the most substantial aspects of PoE is the game’s talent system. The talent system is divided into two as Active and Passive. Active abilities are the things you get from the stones you place on the items in the game, and you use while fighting.

Let I explain as follows; for example, Ranger has two skill stones that he acquired in the first place, one of which allows you to shoot your arrow with flames while the other will enable you to shoot damaged arrows at the same time. To use them, you need to find and install any of your items with slots. As you use these abilities, they will level up with you separately and become stronger.

In addition to active skills, there is a Passive abilities system, which is an epic for those languages. This system was known as the “Grid” system, previously used in Final Fantasy X under the name “Sphere Grid”. GGG has developed and developed this idea in Final Fantasy X. Path of Exile has approximately 1,350 Passive abilities.

Path of Exile Review

Path of Exile Review: Levelling

You can select each of these abilities after levelling up. These are things that affect all aspects of your character, from the things that strengthen your character stats to the damage you cause, the damage you take, and your meaning. Each character class is placed in various places of this Grid system, as you level up, you set out from here and develop your character and determine your direction within the Grid system.

All this means that it is easy to start the game, easy to learn, but there will be a lot of things to read in the long run. In this context, PoE gives the hardcore audience what it wants. If you are looking for a game that is very detailed and you can read many guides for character development or create your character structure, PoE offers the player an “engineering” opportunity.

This system, which is not for everyone, will have kept it open, there were 2 million people in its public beta. On top of that, there is no gold in the game, so there is no monetary system. Instead, there are items that hold money. You can exchange these items to NPCs or use them to strengthen your stuff. The designers apply this to prevent inflation in the game.

Path of Exile has two main modes. These modes are referred to as “League”. Currently, there are two main Leagues in the game. Standard League is the mode where everyone plays when the characters die when they return to their last city and lose their experience points.

Let’s talk about Hardcore League in the Path of Exile Review. On the other hand, this is the mode where the characters cannot be revived and return to Standard League when they die. These are of course not their only mod. There are different game modes with their own rules and maps such as Descent, Turbo Solo Immolation, these are the game’s dynamic features that constantly prevent the boredom of the player, and they really work.

Beyond all these above, Path of Exile is free as well as multiplayer. This multiplayer structure is also quite interesting. All players are actually on a single server. In fact, this situation could have been troublesome for such a game. In this context, Exile solves the crowd problem by using lots of instances outside the settlement. In other words, I can say that every player travels freely on his map.

Path of Exile Review: But how is PoE free? The game is self-managing with its micro-purchasing system, but GGG is also very sensitive in this regard. As a team, he states that they are completely against the items purchased with money and that disrupts the balance of the game and underlines that all items purchased with money in the game are cosmetic. The GGG team calls this principle “ethical micro-purchasing”.

Path of Exile Review

Path of Exile has graphics that are very eye-catching for such a game, I think I can say that its only sinking is its music and voiceover. It could be emphasized more, but other parts of the production prevent this deficit from disturbing you.

PoE is a production that truly pleases the heavy followers of the action role-playing game genre. The GGG team, which you can get from Steam for free, plans to support it for 5 to 10 years by releasing a new add-on every year.

Of course, the GGG team, which undoubtedly bought a lot from Diablo, does not have a structure that denies this. It takes something new to Diablo, combines it with its own system, putting something new and successfully making itself with it.

Is it worth to play?

If you like the action role-playing game genre, I must say that if you like hardcore games, you must definitely play it.

We are at the end of our Path of Exile Review. Such productions are a place where individuals from all over the world can gather and socialize. Of course, in these types of games, it will be very important that your level and armour are at the top level. However, if you do not have time to devote to this, the chances of being excluded by your group are quite high. In order to solve this quickly, there are solutions such as buying the Path of Exile Orb. You can buy orbs or you can buy Path of Exile’s Mirror of Kalandra.

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