PC gamers will able to start playing Battlefield V 11 days earlier

EA and DICE might be having a bad time with Battlefield V, since the gamers all around the world showing their reaction with almost steampunk elements of the game. But today, things can escalate more with the latest announcement by Electronic Arts about Battlefield V launch.  With the latest announcement, “WAYS TO PLAY”, PC players with Origin Access Premier membership seem able to play the full game 11 days earlier than PlayStation 4 players. Xbox One players also able to play the full game with Origin Access membership, but it will only be limited by 10 hours.

PC Players will start playing Battlefield V in November 9 with Origin Access Premier

Also, if you don’t have any Origin Access membership, but purchased the Deluxe Edition, you will start playing it in November 15, if you purchased Standard Edition, you will have to wait until November 20, which is announced the standard release date. 

pc gamers will able to start playing battlefield v 11 days earlier 1 1

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