Pewdiepie’s Rewind video became the most liked video on Youtube

Youtube's popular name, PewDiePie has broken a new record. PewDiePie's Youtube Rewind video is the most liked Youtube video. The video “YouTube Rewind 2018 but better“, which has achieved this important success in a short time, received 6.9 million likes. The video, reaching around 35 million views, is among the most popular Youtube videos, except for music videos.

PewDiePie's YouTube Rewind video broke a record

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Youtube's Youtube Rewind video, which is shared every year, had a great backlash. The video released on December 6th was watched by 156 million people. However, the video was the worst Youtube Rewind video, receiving 14 million dislikes. The Youtube Rewind video that PewDiePie made in response to this video was watched by 35 million people, though it was released 6 days ago and received 6.9 million likes. The video, which attracted more attention than the original rewind video, received appreciation for its much more accurate reflections on YouTube in 2018.

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