PlayStation 5 is 4 times more powerful than PlayStation 4

One of the famed informant APISAK tweeted associate degree unrevealed benchmark score of the PlayStation 5’s semi-custom AMD APU, that is mentioned as Gonzalo. With a rumoured benchmark score of over 20,000 for the PlayStation 5’s Gonzalo, the next-generation console is going to be fourfold additional powerful than the non-Pro version of its precursor.

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PlayStation 5 is 4 times more powerful than PlayStation 4

The exact score and details of the benchmark were unrevealed, however, it seems to be the score from 3DMark Fireplace Strike, in keeping with Notebook Check. it’s conjointly unclear if the PlayStation five in testing is associate degree actual unit, or simply a dev kit. However, with the PlayStation five launch not nonetheless at hand, the score is probably going from associate degree early engineering sample, which suggests it’s going to modification once the ultimate product rolls out.

However, with the looming rise of cloud diversion through services like Google Stadia, it remains to be seen however the PlayStation 5 can fare against the competition, even with the facility that it reportedly contains. The PS5 is reportedly additional powerful than Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox, that is codenamed Project Scarlett, in keeping with Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner. The discovered elements of the 2 consoles are terribly similar, however, while not the total details, it’s too early to inform that one packs a more robust punch.

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