Pokemon Go Event Includes Every Pokemon From This Year

Pokemon Go is hosting another Community Day event this December.

This Community Day event will be the last of the year. It’ll begin on November 30 and celebrate events across the year, featuring every Pokemon included in them. Be sure to be on the look out for Pokemon that will have a higher chance of appearing. All the moves from previous Community Days will also be available for your evolved Pokemon. Lastly, you can get special bonuses for a three hour period in each region.

Pokemon Go December Event

Here are the details and perks of the event:


  • You have a higher chance of running into Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu, Eevee, Chikorita, Dratini, Cyndaquil, Mareep, Larvitar and Beldum.
  • Special moves from previous Community Day events will be available during the weekend.


  • Double Catch XP
  • Double Catch Stardust
  • Double Incubator Effectiveness

Community Day History: Past Events and Pokemon

  • January: Pikachu
  • February: Dratini
  • March: Bulbasaur
  • April: Mareep
  • May: Charmander
  • June: Larvitar
  • July: Squirtle
  • August: Eevee
  • September: Chikorita
  • October: Beldum
  • November: Cyndaquil

Catch em’ all this December with the last Community Day event of the year!

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