Pokemon Unite: Announced as a MOBA Game

Pokemon Unite in the MOBA genre salutes us. Pokemon moba game is coming. It was announced with a video in the Pokemon Unite room that the Pokemon master will fight in teams this time.

Nintendo signed a new Pokemon presentation that ended in the past few minutes and announced the moba type Pokemon Unite game. Although it is not called MOBA directly for the type of the game, we see that it is this type when we look at the map and the style of gameplay. In the producer team statement, they compared the real-time team-based war game to Moba. When you watch the video, you will understand the genre it belongs to. Pokemon Unite of MOBA type was announced. In Pokemon Unite, where teams will consist of five players in a classic way, each player will control one Pokemon.

What awaits us in Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite: Announced as a MOBA Game

First of all, it is not clear which pokemon will be in the game in the first place. In other words, a list has not been published on this subject, but when we look at the promotional video, we see many familiar Pokemon, such as Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Snorlax and Venusaur. Probably the first generation pokemon will be found at the beginning. We also think that Pokemon evolution will be experienced within the game. Of course, these are only assumptions taken from the video. So when you get Charmander, you will level up in the game and eventually become a Charizard. Of course, we will wait and see.

In addition, it seems that apart from the 1st generation, pokemon from the other generation will also be in the game. If we look at the total number of Pokemon, it is certain that the team will not have any problems in terms of updating. As you can imagine, we will have attacks similar to those in other Pokemon games. Simple but satisfying effects are waiting for us. When we look at the map of the game, we see that it consists of two corridors and three towers. In the middle part, there is a forest and a short corridor. It is similar to the classic Moba maps.

Pokemon Unite: Announced as a MOBA Game

However, Pokemon is a series that people of all ages can not forget. So I believe we will have a very different experience. No PC version for the game has been announced yet. It will be released for Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms for now. As a result, you can check out the promotional video of the game below.

Pokemon Game Video

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