Project CARS 3 will be spiritual successor of Need For Speed Shift

Do you remember Need For Speed Shift? Maybe it wasn’t the best Need For Speed game we ever played but still delivered good and balanced gameplay between arcade and sim genre. And today, we have good news for fans of the Shift. CEO of the Slightly Mad Studios (which is the developer of the NFS: Shift series) has stated that the third game of the Project CARS series will be a spiritual Successor of the Need For Speed Shift. He said:

Project CARS 3 release date

“We’ve learned a lesson here and although we have no intention of reducing content, we know what we need to fix, where we made design decisions that were, let’s call it, ‘sub-optimal’. pCARS3 will be more of a spiritual successor to Shift, but with all of the sim goodness everyone appreciates.”

So we can expect arcade gameplay like Shift but also simulation options for the Project CARS fans. The game is still under development and most likely will be released in 2020.

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