PS4 Physical Games Won’t Play When CMOS Battery Dies

Some bad news comes up for the PS4 users. Because according to a user, when you remove the CMOS battery, you will not be able to play physical games.

PS4 CMOS battery is important for physical games

Twitter user Forest recently purchased a PS4 Slim and removed the CMOS battery to test it out. He found that he was unable to play any physical or digital games offline without connecting to Sony’s server, instead of receiving the error code “CE-30391-6”. This makes it impossible to play physical games. However, it is not something important as CMOS batteries are replaceable.

As said, the CMOS battery is replaceable on the PS4. But what happens when Sony shuts down the PlayStation Network someday in the future? Well, that will cause some huge problems all over the world. Because the numbers say that there are roughly 115 million PS4 consoles worldwide. Theoretically, this means that when Sony shuts down PlayStation Network, all of the consoles will be unusable.PS4 Physical Games Won't Play When CMOS Battery Dies

According to the modder Lance McDonald, aka the creator of the Unofficial Bloodborne patch that lets you run the game at 60 frames per second, there is a simple solution for this issue. The error occurs because Trophies on PS4 require the internal system clock to be correct so users can’t change their system’s date/time to make it look like they earned Trophies earlier than was actually the case. He practically says that Sony can release firmware to fix this problem in the future. But many users claim that the PS4 still has a long way to go.

The main problem is with Sony’s PS3 right now. As the store of PS3 will close this summer. Also, some users claim that some game updates are getting removed from the store. So the players cannot update their game at all. Which is a bad situation. But there are also some major PS4 features shutdowns happening recently such as the communities.

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