PS5 Won’t Support 1440p Native Resolutions

Sony officially confirms that PS5 will sadly not support 1440P native resolutions. Instead, the console will use upscaling or supersampling.

Sony reportedly says that their upcoming console PS5 Won’t support 1440p native resolution

While both of the consoles focus on 4K resolution, players also wonder whether there will be 1440p support or not. Unfortunately, the latest comment from Sony says that PS5 won’t support it. According to IGN Italy, a Sony representative confirms that PS5 will not support it natively. This means that the console will still work with these screens. But it will upscale from 1080p resolution or downscale from 4K. The PS4 Pro also had the same issue.

However, this issue will not affect most users who will use the TV as a screen. But Players who will use their monitor as a screen will get affected by this situation. Upscaling or supersampling will still provide adequate visual performance. But will inevitably leave 1440p gamers with a less than perfect experience that negates some of the value of buying the PS5.

When we look at Xbox Series, things are much more positive. Because the Xbox Series S is specifically for 1440p gaming. Also, it will have 120hz of refresh rate. So Xbox users will not have much of a problem when they will use their monitor as a screen.

PS5 Won't Support 1440p Native Resolutions

While most people won’t miss the lack of 1440p resolution on PS5, it does seem like a limitation that would have been cheap and easy to fix. Instead, gamers using monitors at this resolution will be forced to either have a reduced quality image or look to Xbox Series X or Series S. But there is no specific answer if the PC users will buy an Xbox, as most of the Xbox titles are already coming out for PC.

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