PSN Name Changing finally coming

If your PSN name is BreaveHearth48, we have great news for you! One of the biggest regrets of most PlayStation gamers is absolutely their choice of PSN nickname. For many years, PlayStation players was not able to change their nicknames in PlayStation Network. But today three anonymous game developer talked with Kotaku and said PlayStation is working on name changing feature with developers.

PSN Name changing

Also, one of these developers shared a photo which obtained from internal Sony documentation. In that photo, name changing option is clearly visible, and can be seen as “edit username“. But unfortunately, there is ETA for this update. But probably it will be available after next major PSN software update. But it will be probably released in December because, last December at PlayStation Experience conference, Sony boss Shawn Layden was answered to a question about name changing feature like “you won’t have to ask me that question next PSX.”

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