Quibi Die Hart Is Very Funny: A Brief Review

Quibi Die Hart is actually a movie. Since Di Hart has divided into 10 episodes, some of us think this is a TV series. Every episode takes just 8 minutes. You can watch it in one sitting.

Die Hart released on July 20, 2020, by Quibi. You remember that Quibi appeared on April 6 and it succeeded to draw attention.

I want to talk about the story of this film.

Begin with, Comedian Kevin Hart plays a fictional version of himself. This fictional Kevin Hart has appeared in many movies. However, he is bored of being the assistant comedian. He wants to be a star actor in an action movie. Also, he wants the film industry to take him seriously from now on.

He appears as a guest on a TV show. During the show, he loses control himself and he unburdens his heart. Surprisingly, a famous director who is well-known with his action movies in the industry, offers a role to Kevin. This role is the chance of a lifetime for Kevin. Finally, Kevin Hart is about to become a star player in an action movie. Nevertheless, he has to go through a phase. He must graduate from the greatest action star school.

Quibi Die Hart Is Very Funny: A Brief Review

John Travolta in Die Hart

At the same time, Ron Wilcox (John Travolta) appears in this school. Ron Wilcox is a mad instructor. The school has a quite compelling education. He has the pattern of education making Kevin sick.

In Die Hart, Nathalie Emmanuel appears as a role of Jordan King who is more talented than Kevin in the manner of this action stuff. We know of Nathalie Emmanuel from Game of Thrones and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

We see Danny Morrison as Kevin’s manager. Brandon Quinn performs this manager role. You must be remembering him some TV series like The Fosters and Against the Wall.

Lastly, Jean Reno brings life to the character of the crazy director, Claude Van De Velde.

In a word, Die Hart is an entertaining show. Besides that, it has a good story and satisfying action scenes. That’s why I recommend you to watch it. This action-comedy movie is worth to take a glance.

Also a few days ago, we learned that a Resident Evil series will on the screen. But there is no release date yet. This is good news for these pandemic days we are in. Stay tuned, enjoy.

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