Record-breaking donation to Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games, which unveiled Squadron 42 with a special event last week, had released version 3.3 of Alpha version days ahead of the event. With the Alpha process 3.3, developers added new content as well as microphone and webcam support and received a $ 1 million donation four days after the release. Star Citizen, who received $ 380,000 in donations on the day they released the trailer of Squadron 42, continues to be developed rapidly.

Star Citizen's alpha version 3.3

It is estimated that a total of $ 195 million in donations will reach $ 200 million by the end of the year. The game, which started with the Kickstarter project, made deals with great actors like Mark Hamill for Squadron 42. In addition to a story that has a solid foundation, you can now see your gestures in the game thanks to the added support of the webcams. If you get angry when you play the game, your friends will see you get angry or upset. You can see the whole stage of the game with the 1-hour gameplay that is broadcasted at the CitizenCon event.

1 hour of gameplay video;

Star Citizen GamePlay Video

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