Remastered version of Insurgence

Platomenti Studios and YSY Softworks partnered with CRX Entertainment Pte Ltd and Soft Source Pte Ltd are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Remastered version of Insurgence – Remastered version of Insurgence.

Remastered version of Insurgence for Chains of Renegade and Second Assault

The Remastered version of these two games is set to feature a brand new pixel rendering engine, providing players with even more vibrant and rich colors than ever before, bringing these games to life in a whole new way. In addition, the games will be localized to more languages, with more details on which languages to come soon.

For Insurgence – Chains of Renegade, the game will also feature all new music from SSCore, a music production studio from YSY Softworks. This in-house music production studio has collaborated with Platomenti Studios for this release, providing an entirely new soundtrack for players to enjoy as they progress through the game.

Remastered version of Insurgence for Chains of Renegade and Second Assault

“We’re thrilled to bring these two beloved games back to the forefront with the Remastered version,” said a spokesperson for Platomenti Studios. “With the new pixel rendering engine and the addition of more languages, we’re confident that players will love the new look and feel of the game. And with the all-new music from SSCore, we’re confident that both new and returning players will have an unforgettable experience.”

The Remastered version of Insurgence – Chains of Renegade and Insurgence – Second Assault will be available on PC, with a Steam release planned for the near future. The Steam page is now up for Wishlist, so fans of the series can show their support and stay up-to-date with the latest news on the upcoming release.


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