Replaced Announce Trailer Released

Replaced, which deals with the 80s with a darker tone, takes place in an alternative world and draws attention with its Sci-fi elements. One of the remarkable games of the Xbox & Bethesda E3 2021 presentation, which ended in the past minutes, was Replaced. Sci-Fi elements will also be dominant in the production, which will take place in an alternative time period in the 80s. In the game, which has a dystopian tone, we will witness the story of an artificial intelligence that is imprisoned in the human body against its will.

Replaced Announce Trailer Released

The remarkable game of the Xbox presentation: Replaced

When we look at the general atmosphere of the game, which allows us to take an alternative look at the 80s, we also see that it has such a Blade Runner style tone. Despite the pixel graphics, the team, which has achieved a very nice toning in terms of atmosphere, seems to maintain this harmony in the action moments. We have to say that the game looks very sweet, especially in the melee parts.

Replaced will take us almost forty years after a nuclear explosion and to a city called Phoenix City. Throughout the game, we will clearly see the effect of Phoenix Corp, which gives the city its name, on this city. It will be up to us to solve the mystery behind Phoenix Corp., a corrupt company, and learn the details of how we got trapped in this body.

When we look at the stories inspired by the game, we see cyberpunk-style movies such as Blade Runner 2049, Alien, and Upgrade. It was also stated that immersive gameplay awaits us in the game, which combines the pixel art style and the aesthetics of the 80s. It was also stated that the game, developed by Sad Cat Studios and distributed by Coatsink, will come to PC, Xbox Series X / S, and Xbox One platforms in 2022. Let us remind you that the game will be added to the Game Pass system as soon as it is released.

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