Resident Evil 8 PS4 Version Cancelled

While the dust collapsed after the dust that appeared in Sony’s highly anticipated PS5 event, Resident Evil 8 was one of the games in our mind. But some of the conversations on Twitter have been replaced by unanswered questions. As you know, Capcom showed Resident Evil 8 to players at PS5 launch. There were also leaks about the game before. While most of these leaks hit the nail on the head, one-piece that turns out to be wrong is that the game is cross-generation between both PS4 and PS5.

What are these rumours about Resident Evil 8 based on?

Noticeable horror insider Dusk Golem went to Twitter to provide a context on why plans have changed in relation to the development of Rescom Evil 8. You can access the chat below.

Of course, this is not a definitive discourse. However, what reassures this is the inequality in graphics quality in some parts of the trailer, especially how some characters look – Twitter user Jawmuncher has released an idea-centring comparison. You can find the comparisons of Jawmuncher here.

Resident Evil 8 PS4 Version Cancelled

The confusion began to increase.

While it is frustrating for many players to not send Resident Evil 8 on older systems, it’s nice to know that Capcom will not adapt to low hardware and we can expect the latest Resident Evil game to look positive. The new generation should be given some luck. New generation consoles will make deep changes in the history of the game.

Nobody wants a serial game to count on the spot. People want to see change and innovation. But he also wants to stick to the past. Waiting for the release of each platform or saying that the game can go to the old generation can cause unnecessary controversy. We hope that we will meet at common points that satisfy both sides. The gaming industry is beautiful as it comes to an agreement. We will see what awaits us in the coming days.

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