Samsung Galaxy S20 (S11): release date, price, features, photo and design!

The Galaxy S20 (S11) is the next high-end smartphone from Samsung. Expected in early 2020, it already promises to be the ultimate mobile phone of the South Korean manufacturer. Samsung’s next flagship will have a triple/quadruple 108 Mp photosensor and a perforated Infinity-O screen. Design of the Samsung Galaxy S20 inspired by the latest Note 10. The product will take place on the market as Galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy S20 (S11): release date, price, features, photo, and design!

Inspired by the success of its trio of Galaxy S10, Samsung will launch three versions of its Galaxy S11 in early 2020. We expect to discover a standard Galaxy S11, a Galaxy S11e (a cheaper version) and a Galaxy S11 + (a large-format variant).

Samsung would have focused on Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra for its new range of smartphones, this year. The standard model would simply be called S20 instead of S11 Lite. The large-format variant would simply be called S20 +. The ultra-high-end version would be named as Galaxy S20 Ultra. Samsung has therefore decided to shake up its habits, probably to do a bit like its rival Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S20 (S11) series technical specs:

  • 108-megapixel main camera
  • Ultrawide-angle camera
  • Telephoto “periscope” lens with 5x zoom and at least 48 megapixels
  • Galaxy S11 Pro: “time-of-flight” sensor
  • The single punch-hole front-facing camera

According to, Galaxy S20 series features will be as follows;

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