Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Analyze Your Body Fat Percentage

We are here with one of the innovations that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch will offer in the field of health. According to the information, the new Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch will also include BIA technology.

Last month, we conveyed the emerging features of the South Korean technology giant Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 to you. As soon as it was revealed that this device, which created a very high expectation, would work on the Wear platform developed within the scope of cooperation between Google and Samsung, the experience it would offer started to be more curious.

It turned out that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which we learned more about as time passed, will have a health-oriented and very important feature. According to the information, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will support BIA, that is, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology. Let’s take a closer look at what this is and why it’s important.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Analyze Your Body Fat Percentage

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Analyze Your Body Fat Percentage

First of all, let’s say from the beginning that we have seen smartwatches produced by different companies only for this purpose, but we have encountered this feature for the first time in smartwatch models of large companies such as Apple, Samsung, or Xiaomi.

As part of this feature, the devices send a low-voltage electric current and analyze the resistance of the body against this current. Then the BIA can read this data and diagnose the person as underweight or overweight. While making these diagnoses, the electrical current sent by the device; the resistance from bones, muscles, and body fat are used.

This means that when you need to take these measurements, you can only use your smartwatch on your wrist. We can liken this innovation to the electrocardiography (ECG) feature of certain models of the Apple Watch. As a result, being able to perform these operations, which normally require going to hospitals or other institutions, on a smartwatch on the wrist will save people a lot of time.

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