Silent Hill 2 Remake announced

Silent Hill 2 Remake has been officially announced. It was claimed that the game, which was announced in the Silent Hill broadcast by Konami, had previously leaked. The news during the day pointed to Silent Hill 2 Remake and Silent Hill: Ascension.

In its 35-minute broadcast called Silent Hill Transmission (previously uploaded by mistake), Konami announced that they have entrusted the remake of one of the most important horror productions in the history of the game, to Bloober Team studio, known for Layers of Fear and Blair Witch.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

Silent Hill 2 Remake will be console exclusive in its first year

Silent Hill 2 was originally released in 2001 and was released on PC a year later. “HD Remater”, which was released in 2012, was released exclusively for the console and did not receive good reviews.

Silent Hill 2 Remake looks like a head-to-toe remake of the game. Because in addition to the development in graphics, music and voiceovers are also new. However, it should be noted that the music will be made by the names who also composed the music of the original game.

It is stated that the Steam page of the game, whose release date is uncertain, is also opened. However, the PS5 release date of the game (and therefore the PC release date) is unknown. Because it is stated that the game will be exclusive to PS5 for a while and then it will come to PC.

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