Sony Puts Legal Barrier on Custom Cover Manufacturers

Sony has started to put a legal barrier to the companies that started to produce different cover designs. Specifically for Playstation 5.

Custom cover designs are now forbidden as Sony is putting a legal barrier to them

It looks like you will have to wait for the official PlayStation 5 custom cover designs in order to customize your console. According to reports, Sony starts to legally intervene in companies that design special covers for the PS5.

With the arrival of the Playstation 5 console announcement, we saw that the covers were removable. Thereupon, of course, special cover designs started to come to everyone’s mind. On top of that, companies that sell the Playstation 5 covers with various colours and designs don’t really know what to do.

According to reports, Sony puts a legal barrier against companies that designed PS5 covers and sold them by pre-order. It is also among the news that the relevant companies cancel the pre-orders. In order to put an end to these initiatives. The company officially confirms that Sony lawyers contact them. And say the following: ”Sony’s lawyers told us it was their opinion that Sony’s intellectual property extended to the faceplates and that if we continued to sell and distribute them in any country, we would end up in court,”.

Sony puts legal barrier on custom cover manufacturers for PS5

When you buy the Playstation 5, you can make your own designs and customizations thanks to the easy-to-open covers. But when this event turns into a business, Sony seems to be taking the necessary steps. As they put legal barrier. We can say that the company will probably sell its own accessories and designs with this design in the future.

It looks like we have to wait and see if these precautions of Sony will hinder the custom cover manufacturers when the console comes out. The upcoming console can be yours on November 19th. Strangely though, a lot of other major markets will get it nine days earlier on November 12th.

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