Steam Next Fest: New Name of Steam Game Festival

Valve announced in its latest statement that they have decided to change the name of the Steam Game Festival. While the new name of the Steam Game Festival was announced in the statements made, the name of the new event was also clarified. The new name will be Steam Next Fest.

Steam Next Fest: New Name of Steam Game Festival

As you know, Steam, a game platform developed by Valve, organizes special events for its users on certain dates throughout the year. Steam, which offers many products at a discount to its users under the name of Steam Game Festival, gives players the opportunity to play new games. In the statement made by Valve, it was also announced that the name of the event has changed. And the date of the new event revealed.

In a statement made by Valve, which owns Steam, it is announced that the name of the new event will now be Steam Next Fest. Even if the name changes, origin of the event will always remain the same. In other words, discounted games will find their place on the shelves in Steam Next Fest. Valve officials stated that gamers will explore new games, will have access to demo games. And that they will have more information about the games. Authorities said the new name is more appropriate for the events. At the same time, Steam shared the trailer of the new event on YouTube.

Steam Next Fest Date

Another statement made by Valve was the event date. Valve officials announced that the Steam Next Fest event will be held between June 16-22. The Steam Game Festival, the first event of 2021, was held in February 2021. It seems that the Steam Next Fest, which will take place in June 2021 will also be exciting as same as the first festival.

Stay tuned, enjoy.

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