The Batman Trailer Review: The Brutal, Young and Dark

One of the most loved and known superheroes in comic book history is Batman. He is a hero that everyone from 7 to 70 has heard of at least. The reason why it is loved so much and has a wide audience is, of course, its rich content. It has been talked about for years that the DC side is darker than Marvel. However, Batman’s difference is more obvious. When it became so popular, of course, it turned into a brand on its own. Afterwards, this brand grew after animations, games, movies, and toys. The subject of our article today is the movies that belong to this big brand. Specifically, the movie The Batman, whose trailer was released the other day. And here is our The Batman trailer review.

In this article, we will not talk about the old Batmans. It has been written and drawn on for years. If we divide the old Batmen into two. On the one hand, it’s a masterpiece directed by Christopher Nolan. On the other hand, when looking at the whole, we see a poorly written Batman and a very strange Ben Affleck in the costume. We suppose there is no need to talk about it more.

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The Batman Trailer Review

The Batman Trailer – First Look

The leading role of Batman that we will talk about today is Robert Pattinson. Robert Pattinson has been criticized constantly since he was first elected. However, many of those who say this may be unaware of Pattinson’s latest films. He is already physically quite suitable for a young Batman. Robert Pattinson has proven his acting, especially with the movies he has played recently. Let me give you an example of these movies so if you want to look for yourself, don’t take it easy: The Lighthouse, High Life, and Good Time. That’s why I think Robert Pattinson is one of the best choices for a young Batman. It sure looks better than Ben Affleck as a type.

First, let’s talk about the trailer itself. The trailer was absolutely beautiful, of course, this is my personal opinion, but I can say that the internet world generally likes it. Maybe it’s the moribund drawl of Nirvana’s ‘Something In The Way’. As evident from the movie’s logo, a red-black tint was used. Although we do not see blood in the trailer, the theme of the film may be more evident with the age limit announced in the following process. However, for now, we can easily say that it has only a dark structure. It even seems darker than the Batman we are used to.

The Batman Entry Into The World of Villains

Most comic book readers probably took the comic book atmosphere in the movie. The director of the film, Matt Reeves, also announced that he made the film inspired by the comics. It was even specifically inspired by Batman: Ego and Other Tails. That’s why we will get the comic book atmosphere we get from the trailer in the rest of the movie. According to Matt Reeves’ other explanations, this movie will not tell the origin story of Batman, how he became Batman and the death of his family, but we will follow the origin story of the villains in the film. This movie will allow us to learn about the backgrounds of many villains in the universe.

That’s why we can actually call The Batman movie an introduction to a new universe. As we can understand from The Batman trailer, we will not be watching the origin story of Batman, of course, but we will still be watching quite early times of Batman. According to the statement, the movie will tell about Batman’s second year as Batman. We can actually understand this from the trailers.

The trailer features Riddler, the Riddler as the main villain of the movie. He is found in most of Batman’s stories, and anyone who plays the Arkham game series can see his character there. He’s a criminal who is obsessed with Batmen. Often times he kidnaps some innocent people and asks Batman to find them. His biggest obsession is to think he’s smarter than Batmen, actually, he’s smart, but every time he leaves a clue because of his obsession, and Batman catches Riddler with that clue every time.

The Batman Trailer Review

DC is Going Back to (almost) The Beginning.

The Riddler has always been a tough guy in the early years of Batman, and in the following years, Batman doesn’t bother with him much. Riddler in this movie also seems to be obsessed with Batman. This time, however, he seems to want to punish him instead of leaving a clue because of his obsession. So not only the movie but the characters will be a bit pessimistic. The Riddler character is played by Paul Dano, who is a great actor.

If we talk a little more about Batman’s pessimistic attitude. Especially the scene where he fights. Two things have been compared to two things on the Internet, which I think they are absolutely right. The first is the Arkham game series. Batman gives serial punches like there. But I think what he really looks like is Daredevil. I’m talking about the TV show on Netflix. If you don’t remember, take a look, the fight scenes in the series are very realistic. Daredevil makes a serious effort to knock a man down and knock him unconscious, and he also gets tired in the end. Batman in the trailer that I think it will be the same in the movie. The fight scenes will be very realistic and detailed. We can catch that anger, that ambition, even from Batman’s hit.

We’ll Have to Wait for The Batman.

Last month, it was announced that a new Batman universe was set up for The Batman movie. We will see many TV series and movies belonging to this universe. The first of the series is Gotham PD, which will be aired on HBO Max and will focus on Gotham cops. The series will be about Batman’s first year, one year before The Batman movie. It is also said that a Catwoman series is being worked on for a separate universe. Rumour has it that it will tell just before Catwoman met Batman. So when we look at the news and rumours, it really looks like the new Batman universe is waiting for us. We hope they don’t rush like DC does in movies and we watch quality productions for years.

Everyone from 7 to 70 is written and drawn about Batman, who does not fall on everyone’s lips. We hope it will not end in disappointment. Only the trailer came out after all. Especially studios interfere too much with such movies. This is even more so on the DC side. However, after the movie The Joker, I think the studio will leave the director alone this time. If there is no delay, we will see the answer to all our questions on October 1, 2021.

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