High Isle Review (The Elder Scrolls Online)

Here is our TESO: High Isle Review: Expansion of Elder Scrolls Online High Isle stands out as the 6th major update of Bethesda and ZeniMax Online’s popular MMORPG.

Major updates called Chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) can be considered as additional packages that are released at shorter intervals than other MMORPG games and add new features as well as new story/regions to the game.

We had the opportunity to get to know the High Isle region closely by participating in special tours organized by both the game makers and Bethesda’s special event for High Isle, which is the 6th chapter of the game and will be released for PC on June 6 (not a coincidence). Let’s check together what awaits us in the High Isle region, which we have not encountered in the Elder Scrolls series before, and what innovations have come with the update.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Review

The High Isle region is an entirely new region that has hardly been processed in Elder Scrolls games before. High Isle, the homeland of the Breton race, is actually known as the holiday destination of the rich and politicians. On the High Isle, chosen as the location for secret peace talks to end the war called the Three Banners War, players will leave supernatural dangers behind and face more mundane political conflicts.

The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Review

In the past weeks, we had the opportunity to tour around the High Isle and learn more about the regions with the developers of the game. We also had the chance to see the architecture of the region and learn about some places during the trip we made in the High Isle and Amenos Islands, which will come with The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle.

The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Review

The High Isle region consists of cities and towns inspired by European architecture. It is a region where architectures from different periods come together. We encounter modern houses built around castle-style structures from the older period. In addition to being a holiday area, it is also possible to see ships sailing offshore while strolling on the High Isle, which is a commercial port area.

While walking around, we come across structures that we are familiar with from the real world, such as the Mediterranean, Germany and Italy. One of the things that particularly caught my attention was the canal system in Gonfallon Harbor, similar to the one in Venice, Italy. Just like in Venice, there are people who get on boats here too. It is even possible to see bards serenading on some of these boats.

We feel that we are in a region similar to the Mediterranean not only in terms of architecture but also in terms of climate. You can tour the region by riding a horse in the valleys filled with sunflowers and avoiding the lava coming out of the ground. Of course, there is no lava in the Mediterranean, but if there is, I did not come across it. The lava in the High Isle is a new event and we need to help the Druids with other players to solve it.

The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Review

While walking around the High Isle, we also get the chance to see areas such as the All Flag Island, which belongs to the period when all nations left their differences and attacked a single target, the health center where the soldiers who were injured in the war and recovered together regardless of their side, and the duel area where the knights fought on horseback.

Unfortunately, there is no mechanic that will allow us to fight other players in the duel area, but I don’t think it will stop the players.

Amenos Island with Its Free Prisoners

The other island that comes with The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle is a much more dangerous area called Amenos. Amenos is actually a prison island. A prison island inspired by the South Pacific islands. Surrounded by rocks and strong currents, Amenos has only one safe harbor and this is the island’s only sheltered area.

Beyond the safe area where the guards and some prisoners are staying is a completely wild area.

Amenos Island with Its Free Prisoners

Various groups of prisoners, monsters and other dangers await players trying to survive in the Amenos Forest. It is a little difficult to talk about the architecture of this island, we mostly deal with trees, rocks and caves. There are also ship ruins, of course. It is almost impossible to enter and exit the island due to the strong current, storms and rocks around the island of Amenos.

The dangers we will encounter on the island are not limited to prisoners, pirates and monsters, but there are also intelligent sea creatures that we do not know yet. Just as High Isle gives a heartwarming and holiday atmosphere, this is a region that gives as uncanny. I really liked the atmosphere of the haunted area, which gives a feeling of insecurity among the shipwrecks. I can’t wait to get around The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle.

New Chapter New Features

Among the innovations that will come to the game with The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle is the card game called Tales of Tribute. Tales of Tribute will have both PvE and PvP modes, which will allow us to lift our heads from wars and political struggles and fight cards.

On the PvP side, it will be possible to fight with other players almost anywhere. Players who play for the lead in Tales of Tribute, which will have their own seasons, will win special gifts. On the PvE side, it will be possible to encounter various clubs and win various prizes.

Elder Scrolls New Chapter New Features

A little more work has been done on the much loved companion feature that came with the previous Chapter. Two new helpers are added to The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle. Ember of the Khajiit race, a street-raised Sorceress, and Templar Isobel of the honorable Breton race on the path to chivalry.

The assistants that came with Blackwood were criticized for being a little too quiet. This time, the assistants who join our team will be more lively characters who react and make comments according to our actions. Moreover, it should be noted that Isobel was voiced by Laura Bailey and, as far as I can see, she did a good job.

The armory system of The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle has been improved a little more and updates have been made to enable us to change the build quickly. There are also UI improvements that allow us to use the quickslot feature not only for items, but also for features such as emote, memento and tool.

Finally, the ping problems in the PvP areas, which is one of the parts that the players are uncomfortable with, have decreased after the hardware update in the US region. A similar update is expected to arrive in the EU region soon.


The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle, which will offer approximately 30 hours of story content, is released for PC, Mac and Stadia on June 6th. Console players, on the other hand, will be able to start the game on June 21 on both Xbox and Playstation. High Isle will be released for both PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series consoles.

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This is the information we gathered before the release of the game, both with the tour of the producers and the Bethesda’s special presentation. We’ve talked about some of the features of The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle before. We will discuss the story we will encounter with High Isle, how successful the innovations in the game are, and the review we will make after playing the game.

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