The first character to join the team after Avengers 4 is announced

We are going to see Avengers 4 in less than 8 months, both the actors and the producers are making various statements. The newest one is undoubtedly the events that will take place after Avengers 4. As you know, it is going to be the last movie of Captain America and Iron Man. The farewell of these two characters from the cinematic universe will undoubtedly be painful and sad. It is a mystery how these 2 heros are going to be replaced. However, we do not think they will depart from the cinematic universe by dying in the next movie.

Namor will be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Anyway, after the separation of these two characters, there will be a huge gap in the Avengers team. Kevin Feige looks like he has become aware of this situation, and he is already preparing the characters to join the Avengers team. Kevin Feige said in a statement that he had wanted to include Namor in a new film series for a long time.

Erick Weber shared his conversation with Kevin Feige on Twitter. With this post, we can say that we will be able to see Namor in upcoming movies even if it is not in Avengers 4.

Let’s see what will happen after Avengers 4, we will be able to see if Namor will surprise us in May 2019. But let us underline that Namor is one of the most important characters to be included in the cinematic universe.

the first character to join the team after avengers 4 is announced 1 1

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