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The new Blade movie featuring Mahershala Ali has been announced!

At the Comic-Con fair in San Diego, Marvel has made much bigger announcements than expected, and has launched another project we’ve been waiting for a long time, Blade movie officially announced. Moreover, Oscar actor Mahershala Ali will star in the film.

The new Blade movie featuring Mahershala Ali has been announced!

Mahershala Ali, who embraced the Green Book film statuette at the previous Oscar ceremony with Moonlight, will give life to the famous vampire hunter Blade character. The actor often voiced his desire for the character through the visual and messages that he had previously published. Mahershala Ali attended the panel and the logo of the movie was also shown. However, the film’s release date, subject or cast is not yet clear. So, we can say that the Blade project is still in the early post-production phase.

the new blade movie featuring mahershala ali has been announced 1 1

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