The Oyster Hotel Announced with New Details

5 Apr 2019 Friday
The Oyster Hotel Announced with New Details
Ağahan  Çelik
Ağahan Çelik Editor

This cute indie game offers fun times with friends and loved ones

Developed by a Michigan couple, Erin and Elijah Hamilton, The Oyster Hotel is announced with new information. The couple is also started a Kickstarter Campaign to raise 75.000$ so they can provide equipment like motion capture gear, audio equipment, data storage and voice actors.

According to Erin and Elijah, they wanted to build a game which will strengthen players bounds, friendships and relationships and get them closer with coop features and an entertaining storyline. 

The Oyster Hotel is a same-screen co-op action/adventure game where criminal, crooks and outlaws fight in afterlife to have redemption. The demo version of the game will be out for PC on April 9, free to download. 

The Oyster Hotel Demo version includes: 

  • Experience a few of the different worlds in The Oyster Hotel.
  • Play with partners in crime and in the afterlife, Ned and Julia
  • Meet some of the characters including Felix, Lenny and Florence
  • Drive The Florentine and defend (and taste) the coffees.
  • There is a single player option in there too