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There is an Avengers: Infinity War easter egg in Far Cry: New Dawn

Newly released Far Cry: New Dawn has an epic Far Cry: New Dawn easter egg. One of Ubisoft‘s fan-favorite franchise Far Cry‘s new game New Dawn, released on February 15. Discovered by Reddit user HeroTK1, this easter egg specifically belongs to one of the most memorable moments of Avengers: Infinity War. If you still didn’t watch the movie yet, you have been warned.

There is an Avengers: Infinity War easter egg in Far Cry: New Dawn

In the movie, there was a big memorable battle on Titan, which ended up pretty bad. When Thanos snapped his finger, most of the people on Titan became dust. Spider-Man said “Mr. Stark I don’t feel so good” while he approached Iron Man. In Far Cry: New Dawn, one of the NPC Hurk, said the exact same sentence when he got shot. This, of course, made Reddit users very happy. Let’s see what more easter eggs players will discover in Far Cry: New Dawn.

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