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TV star sued Fortnite on account of the fact that they copied his dance

One of the last year's most popular games, Epic Games' Fortnite became known with copyright lawsuits. The dance moves in Fortnite started to be subject to copyright cases by the real owners of the dance moves. Finally, the well-known television star “FreshAlfonso Ribeiro sued Epic Games because of unauthorized copying in Fortnite. Source:

TV star sued Fortnite on account of the fact that they copied his dance

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Television star Alfonso Ribeiro doesn't want his dance to be used in NBA 2K and Fortnite. One of the biggest problems of recent years is copyright violations. The borders of copyright violations are unfortunately not clearly drawn all over the world. Alfonso Ribeiro plays Carlton Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the dance move he made there is now used in Fortnite with the name Fresh Dance. At the same time, the dance is used in NBA 2K series with the name Carlton Banks too. The famous actor Alfonso Ribeiro claims that his dance was used without permission.

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