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US Air Force called out to hackers

The US Air Force has invited nearly 600 hackers to hack air force programs for security testing. Within the program Hackle! (Hack The Air Force 3.0), “ethic” hackers tried to hack the air force software and programs and reported their security flaws to the US Air Force.

US Air Force invited hackers to hack their programs

The US Air Force called out to the white hat hackers to hack the US Air Force’s digital protection systems to reveal security flaws. It was announced that the hackers who are able to break the system and report the errors in the system to The US Air Force will be awarded. With the participation of many hackers from 191 countries, the program “Hack the Pentagon” will be the one which gives the biggest reward. The results of the program, which was organized between 19th October and 22nd November, have not been published yet. What are your hacking skills, let us know in the comment section! 

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