Us – Jordan Peele’s New Horror Movie Reaches $70 Million Revenue After The First Weekend

Jordan Peele’s new horror movie debuted inthe United States with staggering 70 million dollars revenue. Everyone wasexpecting that the movie starring Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke would do wellat the box office, but initial forecasts settled on $40-45 million. The resultbecomes even more striking when you consider that the movie production only costed $20 million. This is the best debut for an original live-action project sinceAvatar, released ten years ago. “Us” represents another horror hitfor Hollywood. Horror movies such as “It,” “Halloween” and”A Quiet Place” have made big money on low budgets in recent years.

The movie ”Us” reaches 70$ million revenue

The latest reviews say Us manages to be funny, freaky, and thrilling all at once, and marks another step forward in Peele’s evolving sense of storytelling and craftsmanship. ”Us” will most likely overcome the 176million revenue of Peele’s previous horror “Get Out”, which won an Oscar fororiginal screenplay in 2017.

Did you watch the movie already or planning to see it soon ? 

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