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Will we going to see Death Stranding on PC?

Death Stranding, which the PlayStation 4 owners have been eagerly awaiting, will release soon. We get new information about the game, every day. Death Stranding, which was reportedly on the list of PlayStation 4’s exclusive games, suddenly disappeared from this list. Earlier we heard the rumour that the game was developed for the PC as well as the PS4. However, Kojima and his team did not make any official announcement based on this rumour. The odds are that the game will remain exclusive to the PS4 for a while. The production, which is thought to remain exclusive to PS4 for a while, is expected to hit the PC platform.

Will we going to see Death Stranding on PC?

On the other hand, at the upcoming Gamescom 2019, we can see new gameplay videos about Death Stranding. Likewise, Hideo Kojima pointed to his followers Gamescom for new information about the game. Death Stranding, which we think will affect us with its script, is going on in a future dominated by dystopia.

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