Winter time in Knights Chronicle

Knights Chronicle will spread the happiness with Winter Dungeon and the Winter Festival themed costumes. The Winter Dungeon will reward the players with the 2018 Winter Festival title, which will be distributed for a limited time. In addition, Janus, Verdandi and Miss Etica‘s Winter Festival costumes will strengthen the abilities of these heroes. A new Epic Quest for Hero Lydia will also come with an update. Players who complete this quest will receive a special costume to upgrade the SR heroes to the SSR.

New Guild content added to the Knights Chronicle

In addition, players will now be able to strengthen the Guild Fortress so that they can take a passive impact in the Defense Stage of the Guild War. With this update, the maximum guild level has increased and more high-level items have been added to the Guild Shop. Therefore, the harmonious work of the Guild members targeting the higher level became even more important.

The game also has an interesting story and has anime-style cutscenes. Knights Chronicle is currently being played in over 140 countries. For more information about Knights Chronicle, please visit here.

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