World of Warcraft: Classic Phase 2 update is almost here

If you are a fan of WoW: Classic and plan to enjoy vanilla experience even more, we have some great news for you. Blizzard announced an update for the WoW: Classic called Phase 2, and it will come out mid-November. 

What to expect from WoW: Classic Phase 2?

While the vanilla took a huge step and revitalized the player-base for the massively popular RPG, Blizzard didn’t stopped there and announced the next big step for Classic. World of Warcraft: Classic Phase 2 will be the next big step for the game when it comes to adding content, and it will come out on November 12.

Although there is no clear information on what the update will bring aside new bosses, Blizzard confirmed that it will focus on PvP Honor System. Blizzard also announced that only a part of the future patch would release on November 12. And again, even though Blizzard didn’t confirm how much of the update would get released, officials assured fans to keep an eye out for any news on Blizzard blogs.

In other news, BlizzCon 2019 has been a huge blast for every attendee, including us. Check out our BlizzCon 2019 Showcase if you missed out on anything.

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