Xbox Series X is just the first of many Xbox models to come

Since it’s announcement last Thursday at The Game Awards 2019, Xbox Series X has been in many talks and arguments because of its name. Questions like “Why is it so long? What does it mean?” and vice versa all popped up in our heads. Well, the arguments are about to come to an end because Microsoft confirmed that the “Series X” name represents a new line-up of consoles in the same generation. In BusinessInsider‘s article on the subject, Microsoft clarified the confusion and stated that the next-generation Xbox console’s name will be just Xbox with special names added to point out different models.

Xbox Series X is the first of many Xbox models to come

While the line-up Microsoft starts with Series X is confusing, it is actually very similar to the current generation. Although Microsoft didn’t announced it specifically, the current generation we are about to left behind saw four different Xbox One consoles. Xbox One that launched in 2013, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Xbox One S All-Digital are all this generation’s consoles. So it might not be a bad decision to make it the clear goal this time around.

Aside from Xbox, PlayStation didn’t release any updates on their upcoming console. As of now, PlayStation 5 is expected to be a single model with potential future updates but we don’t expect multiple consoles to launch simultaneously. We’ll give you a heads up if PlayStation announces any surprise model. Until then, make sure to check out our other news

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