A woman from Finland claims she brought a plant from the year of 6000

I’m sure many of you know the news about time traveling people. We are not sure if these news are a part of a viral or not. As you may recall, the video of a young man who is claimed to do time travel was published on the internet. Like many people, we both agreed that this was just a ridiculous video made with the help of After Effect.

Now, there is a woman from Finland says she has traveled to 6000 and has brought a very important plant from there.

Stating that she worked for the Finland National Science Laboratory, Chloe said that she and some of her friends had traveled to 64,000. Apart from these, she claims that she sent many people to the future. Chloe, claims the Sun will approach closer to Earth in the next four thousand years, and the temperature will be 40 to 70 degrees.

The dinosaurs are resurrecting!

Chloe‘s other claim is that the creatures that are extinct, including the dinosaurs, will be reproduced by humans and this will be on the year of 4529. She also said that the humans will experience a great collapse due to the increasing heat as the Sun approaches to the Earth. In addition, Chloe’s plant is said to be olives.

In short, we hardly believed. But in Finland, this situation has caused serious speculations.

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