Apex Legends Content Revealed Accidentally via Stream

Players have been waiting for some new details. From what it looks like Apex Legends content has already surfaced on the web.

Apex Legends content is here even if it is accidental

Most of the fans do know that there is a brand new legend coming with the Emergence update for Apex Legends. However, more Apex Legends content has been accidentally revealed by the developers. Yes, you heard it right. The developers had made a big mistake and revealed major details that will be available in-game in the future.

It seems Respawn Entertainment Principal Animator Moy Parra has accidentally started a stream on his PC, and it featured a bunch of things the studio is working on for Apex Legends! Apex Legends content can be seen on the stream but it mostly contains some personal information so we decided not to share it. But a Redditor summed all of the necessary things. You can check them out below:

Apex Legends Content Revealed Accidentally via Stream

-Energy Pistol being Tested (uses RE45 model)
-New weapon above said energy pistol that seemed to use shotgun ammo
-An unidentified energy longarm next to the re45

-The Car SMG uses heavy ammo

-S10 treasure pack

-The TF2 Arctool in two rarietes Purple and Gold (could be placeholder model)

-A titan battery of gold rarity

-4 Red Keycards (we currently have two in game)

-A big box that has a ammo icon (ramparts passive logo?) when hovering above it

-A bulky long arm that uses arrows as ammunition – could be a folded crossbow

-Mastiffs hop up slot shows the double tap icon

-A dummy character with the cracked shield as tactical (has been in the files for a while)

-The ingame display screens have a shot up texture

-Horizon gets adjusted animations for her ult

-A maggi Character select video (not shown)

-Ash Character Art file (not shown9

-A new map tropical



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