Bannerlord Story Mode New Video Released

The new video released for the introduction of Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord story mode gives us a closer look at the nations of Calradia.

We all love to expand our army, build and rule empires in Mount & Blade games! But have you ever wondered where the story of the game is based? Although it stands out with its gameplay and leaves the story in the background, the story of Calradia, which we are dealing with especially with Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord story mode, is actually quite interesting. The new video published by Taleworlds takes us deep into the story of the nations living and fighting to the death in Calradia.

Bannerlord Story Mode New Video Released

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Story Mode Video Released

Taleworlds’ new video posted on YouTube allows us to take a closer look at the stories of the Calradian nations and their relationship with each other. The Kingdom of Batania, which lives in the forests of the north, the Kuzaites ruling in the east, and the awkward empire on all sides, appear again with a very sweet presentation in the new video. This narrative will welcome us as we enter the game’s main campaign. In the Bannerlord story mode, we will now be able to learn the origins of the kingdoms of Calradia.

In the continent where the war has withdrawn and replaced by peace, the subject the corruption within the Empire and the inner collapse. While old enemies began to learn Imperial tactics, new ones designed their own. Meanwhile, a civil war broke out as the bones connecting the Empire were slowly breaking. This explains why we encountered a divided Empire when starting the game.

Those who play the Bannerlord story mode will know, the main purpose of the character we have created is to unite the Imperial banners under a single flag. While doing this, there are various obstacles in our way. I think it was good that Taleworlds focused on the story mode in the new game. Thanks to the sandbox mode added with the last updates. Players will be able to draw their own paths in Calradia without being guided by the story.

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