Bless Online adds a new dungeon, Urdaata War Fortress!

Neowiz Games has announced Bless Online‘s new dungeon Urdaata War Fortress. In this new dungeon, players can fight agains new enemies, bosses and get some legendary items.

Bless Online adds a new dungeon, Urdaata War Fortress!

Bless Online new dungeon Urdaata War Fortress is a 10-player dungeon. Players have to reach 50 level to enter the new dungeon. Players can enter the dungeon once per week.

Urdaata War Fortress host of deadly bosses, including Corrupted Aelia, Ikichi, and Lava Golem Maglam. For their efforts, players can be rewarded with Rings and Necklaces with useful effects, Rare or Heroic Armor and items, Enhancement materials. If players reach and defeat final boss Karata, they can receive Legendary Weapons. 

The new update also adds new cosmetic items. You can now buy Winter Sky costume or new leopard print headband from shop. 

Bless Online is available for PC. What do you think about new ten player dungeon, Urdaata War Fortress

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