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Dead by Daylight adds a new female killer, The Plague

Behaviour Interactive reveals the new killer of Dead by Daylight. The new killer, The Plague is announced with a trailer.

Dead by Daylight adds a new female killer, The Plague

Dead By Daylight Game Trailer Video

Dead by Daylight adds the new killer The Plague in the next chapter which is called Demise of the Faithful. The developer hasn't revealed abilities of The Plague, but she may have abilities like disease. 

Demise of the Faithful will also a add a new Survivor Jane Romero and a new map. The new map's name is Temple of Purgation and probably it won't be a open air map. The developer hasn't given a release date for new chapter, but we will learn much more in upcoming days. 

Dead by Daylight is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, also the game will released for Nintendo Switch in 2019. What do you think about the new killer The Plague? What kind of abilities do you want to see? 

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