Devil May Cry 5 Review

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Devil May Cry, without a doubt, is one of the most essential games of the video game industry. Every game of the series (Except the second one of course) caught a quality we all admired. Especially with the first Devil May Cry game, the series has changed the action games core gameplay and with the third and fourth the game impressed many gamers.

Devil May Cry 5 Review / PC

With DMC: Devil May Cry, Capcom gave the series to another studio and hope to start from scratch. However, fans did not like new Dante and even though the game is good, it was separated from the original series.

Announced at the last years E3, Capcom wants to bring back the fan base of the original series and continues the story from Devil May Cry 4. Devil May Cry also wants to bring new players to the series. We all know that Capcom managed the same scenario with Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Devil May Cry 5 Review / PC

So it is obvious to say that they want to do the same thing with Devil May Cry 5. With our main character Dante, we also got to see two more main characters. Nero from Devil May Cry 4 is also a main character in the game. With this, Capcom manages to bring another character who has a lot of impact on the main story. Our third character is V. He enters the story with coming to Devil May Cry shop as a customer.

Different from the other two main characters, V is a long range fighter. From our experience, we can easily say that V is a good addition to the game. We all know how difficult for Capcom to bring new characters to the Devil May Cry series. So, V is actually suiting very well in the game.

If you felt a little distant to Nero in the Devil May Cry 4, we would like to point that with V, you will not feel that way. The game starts with Nero, and V comes after a few episodes. We can assure you that you will think V will betray you in the game for sure. Even though V is portrait as one of the main characters in Devil May Cry 5, he seems mysterious to the other characters.

Devil May Cry 5 Review / PC

In addition to the game Nico goes very well with Nero. Nico is the games firepower. Crafting heavy and deadly weapons, we get to see her story at the very beginning of the game. We will of course not spoil her story but we can say that you will be very surprised when you learn. Let’s talk about the story a little. The story begins with Dante accepting a job from V.

While on this job, Dante encounters with an enemy that is way too powerful than he thought. V and Dante enter the story like this. In the meantime Nero is like the guy who is always late for the party. We will give no further information on the story because the action at the beginning is what will hype you for the game.With Devil May Cry 5, we can easily see that Capcom has worked hard on the storytelling rather than other DMC games.

You may notice this at the beginning of the game. We all know Devil May Cry’s lore is not very complex. But, with the new game, we can see that the story evolves and becomes much deeper. We also can say that you need to play the old games to play Devil May Cry 5. However, if you don’t want that, Capcom put in a “Story so far” option in the games main menu. From there, you can learn what happened in the story so far and “who is who?”.

In Devil May Cry 5, we get to see Co-op gameplay. You can play the main story episodes with your friends or online random players. This is also a good way to play the game since changing the characters will not have any impact on the story progression. The players who help you is not live.

When you choose the option to play the game online, the game creates ghost data of your gameplay and randomly makes you help other players. At the end of the episodes, you can rank the player who helped you good or bad. Character progression is old school. You can gather red orbs to learn new abilities to help you fight better. We can easily say that Nero has the most abilities in the game.

Devil May Cry 5 Review / PC

Losing his devil arm, we get to play with Devil Breaker made by Nico. This arm makes you fight in many different stances. With red orbs, you can buy many Devil Breakers since they will be destroyed after some time.Nero has slower combos and animations compared to Dante. In the game, he prefers slow but much more deadly combos. This also makes him a good choice for the early gameplay. Which is probably why developers make you use Nero at the beginning.

Another addition to the game V really surprised us. He can do much more damage than Dante and Nero. Easier to play V has two animals called Griffon and Shadow. While Griffon deals long range damage, Shadow deals close combat damage on your command. If you are having trouble, you can summon his third devil Nightmare.

This devil is way too big and deals a lot of damage to enemies for a short time. Dante is our third playable and most loved character. We can easily say that Dante is our favorite character to play with. His old school combos feel awesome. He can also punch and kick his way through enemy lines.

Other than gameplay mechanics, DMC 5 has good technical mechanics. Even in consoles, the game is very smooth. Using the RE Engine to its limit, Devil May Cry 5 works wonderfully. The biggest let down is the music of the game. Compared to old games, music is pretty low profile.

Like old Devil May Cry games, the game struggles with camera angles. With fast-paced combat, the camera can be very annoying.To sum up, Devil May Cry 5 will bring old and new players to the franchise. With it’s fast and exciting gameplay, the game makes you want to play more and more. If you are a Devil May Cry fan or looking for some action, you should definitely play Devil May Cry 5.

You can buy the game from Steam page.

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