Doom Collection: The world’s most exclusive one

Doom Eternal is one of the most preferred games by most gamers lately. The enthusiasts of the game are not only playing but also interested in collecting Doom materials. Just like Mahmut Saral from Istanbul, Turkiye.

Doom collection: The world's most exclusive one.

Mahmut Saral has been collecting about the Doom series for about 17 years and has created a new video to share the most up-to-date version of his collection. The video, which is about half an hour-long, contains many games, figures, posters, books and more from past to present.

Doom Collection: The worlds most exclusive one

Mahmut defines his collection as “The most special Doom collection in the world”. Of course, there are lots of reasons for this. Because there are more than 300 items in his collection, there are many signed items that the producers present and which do not even have a spouse.

To give a few examples:

  • First sketch drawing of the original Spider Mastermind designed by Gregor Punchatz
  • Doomguy head figurine designed by Gregor Punchatz for Doom 64
  • Drawing of the Doom 4 (canceled version) logo signed by Kenneth Scott
  • Quake 1 signed by John Romero – a digital copy of the E1M1 drawing
  • John Carmack's signed id Software business card
  • Doom 3 t-shirt signed by Tim Willits and signed Masters of Doom II game
  • Photo signed by Kevin Schon
  • Necronomicon book signed by Ed Lima and used in the development of Doom 3

And much more is included in the video.

Doom Game Video

Mahmut, who has published 2 books and a magazine about the Doom series, has a dream he has been building for years, “To be able to work at id Software one day!” 

We wish him good luck in reaching his dreams.

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