Elden Ring Sold 5 Million Copies in Less Than a Week

Elden Ring has taken over the gaming world since its release. The game has reached more than 800,000 players on the Steam platform alone and if we add console players to this, we can say that millions of players have already experienced this adventure. According to Steam Spy reports, Elden Ring has already reached 5 million sales a week before its release.

Elden Ring Sold 5 Million Copies

When we look at the Steam Spy reports, we see that the game has exceeded the sales statistics of five million only on the PC platform. Collecting statistics on Steam, the company reported that between five and 10 million players played Elden Ring. The fact that these figures are reached before less than a week shows the huge interest in the game. It should also be underlined that this statistic only belongs to the PC platform.

Elden Ring Sold 5 Million Copies in Less Than a Week

Of course, let us also remind you that these statistics are not officially confirmed by Bandai Namco. In the future, the company will definitely share the official sales statistics. Again, when we look at the number of instant players, we see that a maximum of 819,143 people playing game at the same time.


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