Electronic Arts closes Japan Office Due to Global Staff Lay Off

Electronic Arts announced that its Japan office will not be active anymore, yet the company will keep on supporting the Japanese game market. According to reports, EA laid off nearly 350 workers worldwide and Japan office was the one which got affected most by this policy. EA’s Public Relation crew made a statement about this subject: 

“March 26 (PST US Time), EA will provide attractive and high quality services to our customers in a stable manner, and further, to establish a foundation for our business growth, sales department and business; we decided to reorganize some departments. As part of that, we announced the closing of the Japan office. However, Japan is an important market for us, and we will continue to support EA games and support the Japanese market. In addition, we sincerely thank our employees for their contributions to our company so far, and suggest all positions for us to propose other positions in our company or introduce reemployment in the game industry as much as possible. We will strive to provide exciting games in the future. We look forward to your continued patronage.

EA closes Japan office, lays off 350 workers

Let’s see if this lay off is going to continue or the Japan office will be the only one that is closed. 

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