Famous hacker group published a part of September 11 documents

There are still many rumors about the September 11 attacks. It was stated that the hacker group The Dark Overlord was going to release a part of the documents of the September 11 attacks, one of the biggest events of the 2000s. They stated that they would release these documents only with the Bitcoin payment equivalent to $2 million.

After this payment, The Dark Overlord released 650 of 18 thousand documents about the September 11 attacks. The amount of donations they received is equivalent to $12,000 for now. But it is said that the biggest reason for their explanation is to prove that they have real documents in their hands. These documents are alleged to have been stolen from the US government, insurance companies, and law firms.

The Dark Overlord shared their September 11 documents!

The Dark Overlord is probably trying to prove that they have the real documents because the donations received is way less than they demanded. According to the experts, there is no valuable document among the shared ones but there may be an important detail in the 18 thousand documents.

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